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MDX is the language to communicate with your multi-dimensional database.  Can you speak it?

   Presented by: John Taylor
MDX is the Multi-dimensional eXpressions language for querying and manipulating the data in Essbase Cubes and other multi-dimensional databases.  Once you know how to use it, you can start unlocking the capabilities for efficient, advanced queries and other database functionality.  In the session we will cover the basics of MDX, using MDX to query data, writing member formulas for ASO Essbase cubes, and leveraging MDX for automation and scripting.  You will leave with examples of how to use MDX and the foundational knowledge needed to start using it on your own.

Leverage a Competitive Advantage with EPBCS Workforce Planning Module

 Presented by Vince Tran
Workforce enables planners to align critical corporate resources—people and dollars—with the strategies that best leverage a competitive advantage. Using Workforce, departments collaborate to plan headcount and related expenses such as salaries, health care, bonuses, and taxes. Planners can see up-to-date graphics that show expenses and trends.

In this session, we will take a close review of Workforce Planning and how it enable planners to manage and track headcount expenses by analyzing, calculating and reporting on headcount, salary, bonuses, taxes and health care expense; planning for new hires, transfers, promotions, terminations; and Defining country appropriate taxes and benefits.

Plan at the Speed of Business by Integrating Your Entire Planning Process with Oracle EPM in the Cloud (EPBCS)

   Presented by Vince Tran
What’s the difference between PBCS and EPBCS?  In this session we will cover all 4 modules (Financials, Workforce, Project and Capital) that make up Enterprise Planning Cloud Services (EPBCS).  EPBCS makes it easier to get away from spreadsheets and drive the planning process beyond Finance to the broader community of line managers. EPBCS empowers operational planners with flexibility, scalability, and the ownership to plan the way they want, when they want, while still offering the transparency and control required for corporate finance. 

An Oracle Cloud Integration Story: How We Overcame Pitfalls to Ensure a Happy Ending

   Presented by Brian Williams, Director of Technology
When a client wanted to implement Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services, Fusion Financials Cloud, and Human Capital Management Cloud, the integration of them was a priority. This presentation will discuss how we integrated multiple cloud products and the pitfalls overcome along the way. We will cover key things to keep in mind when undertaking a project that involves integrating these Oracle cloud solutions in order to ensure a successful outcome.