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Essbase Lift & Shift to the Cloud

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The Client:
Our client is a leading provider of enterprise scale software solutions to technology developers and DevOps teams, and is trusted by the world’s most innovative brands, including NVIDIA, Pixar, Scania, Ubisoft, and VMware. These enterprise scale software solutions require productivity, visibility and scale during all phases of the development lifecycle. Organizations across the globe rely on our clients’ agile planning and ALM tools, automated test management, static code analysis, and version control solutions.

The Challenge:
With their current on-premise model, our client did not have a global solution for easy access, nor did they have control over the underlying IT infrastructure (creating server volatility) of their Essbase environment. Because of this, they did not have the capability to manage solutions without heavy reliance on their IT department. Our client needed easy and efficient access to the following items:

• Income Statement
• GAAP Income Statement
• Balance Sheet
• Cash Flow Statement
• Total Operating Expenses
• FTEs
• Headcount

The Solution:
Our team implemented a migration from the On-Premise version of Essbase to the Cloud, Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). This migration remedied all previous challenges.

The Success Factors:
By moving our client’s application to the Cloud, key users across the globe were able to gain instant access to the system servers bypassing timely delays caused by previously needing IT to access the system on their behalf. The new solution allowed the client to move away from a dependent model to one where the power was in their hands while negating the cost and complexity of supporting the tool on-premise.

Company Annual Revenue:
$130 million

The Solution Products:
Essbase Cloud – Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)