A Vertical Edge Case Study

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Upgrade to On-Prem Hyperion Planning

Health Information Technology Services

The Client:
The client is a leading provider of health IT solutions, business process outsourcing services, and consulting. They provide their clients with meaningful insights, increased performance, and greater integration across programs, systems, and populations. With deep expertise in areas including health insurance marketplaces, health data standards, and Medicaid enterprise systems, the client applies an innovative, integrated approach to navigating the challenges of healthcare reform while solving the most complex problems with creativity, flexibility, and efficiency.

The Challenge:
The client reached out to Vertical Edge to assist them in re-designing their existing on-premise Hyperion Planning application and for assistance in upgrading to the latest version. Prior to engaging Vertical Edge, they were using a project-based model/application that, due to design limitations, was not giving them enough detail and flexibility in forecasting and reporting. When project metadata changes were made in their source ERP system (Deltek), they were not reflected in Hyperion due to an application design limitation.

The Solution:
The Vertical Edge team worked together with the client and completed the following:
• Installed a later version ( of on-premise Hyperion Planning
• Designed a new application with additional dimensions
• Migrated current and historical data to the new environment
• Re-worked Essbase data load rules, calculations and Financial Reports.
Ultimately, the result was an application which provided the client with a more appropriate level of planning and reporting detail. Part of this initiative was also the development of automated scripts to load monthly actuals data.

The Success Factors:
Upgrade to on-premise Oracle Hyperion Planning Additional application functionality

Company Annual Revenue:
$4.8 Million

The Solution Products:
Oracle Hyperion Planning