It is a safe assumption that Information Technology is not your core business. Don’t be distracted by trying to solve all of your IT challenges internally which could potentially lead to costly and ineffective solutions. Let us provide innovative and researched answers for your organization whether it for a specific issue, optimizing your IT environment or setting out to completely transform by establishing a well-defined plan for your information technology needs company wide. By leveraging our experienced consultants, your organization will receive cost-effective, objective and optimal solutions so that you can continue to focus on your company’s operations. We set out below more specifics for our Advisory Services.

CIO Advisory

Chief Information Officer Advisory Services Questions to Ask Yourself:

Do your company’s business units have a clear alignment with the company’s IT department?

Are Disruptive Technologies, (BYOD, social media, Big Data, Cloud, BI) all struggling for attention, with no clear adoption or value proposition?

Are you focusing 80% or more effort into maintaining current state vs innovating in new technology adoption?

Is there confusion or hesitation around the adoption of Cloud Service offerings (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)?

Does your organization struggle with IT leadership and execution?

IT Consultation
Vertical Edge Consulting Group’s team of consultants will provide expert and unbiased advice on a broad range of concerns dependent on your organization’s needs. We will tailor all recommendations to your company’s needs, size, culture and budget. A few examples from a myriad of situations that you may need us to address include providing a second opinion; briefing on industry best practices including disaster recovery; building a support structure or undertaking the problem analysis, plan, budgeting and presentation of plan.

IT Roadmap and Readiness Planning
Disruptive change is occurring across all technology domains, leaving Infrastructure teams with the choice of taking on substantial deployment risk or failing to meet business demands. Infrastructure teams are dealing with an explosion of new technology opportunities. Our Consultants are some of the leading experts in the industry available to assist you with long-term IT strategic planning, allowing for multi-year IT Roadmap, business enablement and alignment with organization objectives and KPI’s. To accomplish our goal of providing you with tools for future growth we perform Cloud, BI and Big Data Assessments. Additionally, we review the current architecture of your systems and will provide recommendations and a plan for execution on which operational, financial and accounting practices can be moved to a Cloud based system of operation.

Fractional CIO and IT Mentoring
If your company struggles with aligning IT needs and requirements with your goals for growth, our team can provide knowledgeable and sound IT leadership and innovation in the form of Fraction CIO and Mentoring Services to ensure education and leadership of modern best practice. A Fractional CIO works for a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a full-time executive to fill the post. This can be a cost-effective solution for businesses that are in need of expert advice, but cannot afford the salary and other costs associated with hiring in someone at this level.

IT Performance Management
Vertical Edge Consulting Group can provide sound career pathing and IT leadership structure to grow and develop your IT Department. Most mid-size companies struggle with building a tactical, yet functional IT organization that can “keep the lights on” while still innovating and driving efficiency through the business. We break down the core elements of a growing organization and provide structure and guidance to build and support a well-defined IT department.

IT Strategy

IT Strategy Services Questions to Ask Yourself:

Are your systems running multiple applications that are performing the same functions?

Does system and application redundancy add cost and complexity, but not value or business enablement to your IT spend?

Are you wasting time and money maintaining systems you really don’t need? Do the applications you have truly meet the needs of the business and company objectives?

Is the rate of new technology adoption low or non-existent within your company?

Does the thought of organizational change scare many of your employees?

Can your current systems meet the demands and capabilities of your organization, 5 to 7 years from today?

Application Portfolio Management
Vertical Edge’s team of consultants will provide expert and unbiased advice on a broad range of concerns dependent on your organization’s needs. We will tailor all recommendations to your company’s needs, size, culture and budget. A few examples from a myriad of situations that you may need us to address include providing a second opinion; briefing on industry best practices including disaster recovery; building a support structure or undertaking the problem analysis, plan, budgeting and presentation of plan.

Change Management
At Vertical Edge, we recognize that people are the most valuable asset to a company as they drive an organizations performance and operational advantage within your industry. Change management is a structured approach for ensuring that changes are thoroughly and smoothly implement, and that the lasting benefits of change are achieved. Whether your organization is implementing new ERP, BI or other technology solutions, re-organizing staff for greater efficiency or seeking to enhance employee capability, we will help you achieve your business goals through effective change leadership.

Business Process Alignment
The business world is constantly in a state of flux. For companies to remain competitive it is important that they have clear alignment between strategic and operational objectives across all IT services. Vertical Edge can provide Business Process Alignment across Operations Management, Strategy Management and Tactical Management.

PMO Oversight

Questions to Ask Yourself:

Does your company have an upcoming ERP or large enterprise project, but lack the capability or maturity to manage through the transition?

Are there a large number of outstanding projects with no clear cohesion or standardized methodology and reporting structure?

Is your company struggling to adopt new technology with significant risk to operation efficiency?

Are your current PM methodologies out of date or struggling to support the pipeline of projects, with risk to financial performance and project delivery?

PMO Deployment, Operations and Consulting
In today’s rapidly changing world, organizations continue to be challenged with the consistent application of defined project management processes, resource planning, forecasting, value-driven metrics, and other critical demands. A well-managed Project Management Office (PMO) can address these challenges in order to ensure successful project delivery. Our services offer businesses a way to deploy a new PMO, more efficiently operate their existing PMO or provide strategic consulting services to meet a set of evolving challenges and business demands.

Organizational Change Leadership
Mid-size to Enterprise, our consulting team can help guide your company through an organizational transition, ensuring you are ready for change, prepared to lead the change and able to validate that change. We provide services including Change Readiness Assessments, Action Plans, and Change Control Services which ensure your organization is ready to meet the challenges of effective Change Management.

Resource Management
Capacity Planning through sound resource management is a key skill set that gives you the ability to balance demand and apply the right resources at the right time. Our PMO consultants can help you establish structure and analyze your current resource management information thereby allowing your team to use talent effectively and streamline resource deployment. By “right-sizing” your PMO based on the size of your portfolio and the level of project management maturity within your organization, you will gain efficiency and increase project execution across the organization.

ERP Advisory

Enterprise Resource Planning Services Questions to Ask Yourself:

Does your company currently have legacy, and/or disparate systems, that lack a true integration, and require costly maintenance and support?

Are you spending money on custom enhancements or functionality your current ERP, WMS or accounting system cannot natively support?

Have you, or your leadership team, contemplated moving to a new ERP solution, however are unsure of where to begin, how to craft and execution strategy, or what ERP solution fits your enterprise?

Are you working with multiple vendors for CRM, HRIS, Accounting, MRP and WMS? Would you like a solution that meets all of your system needs, in a fully integrated solution, providing detailed analysis and reporting across the company footprint?

Are your current systems designed and leveraged to meet your business goals?

ERP Selection and Evaluation
Vertical Edge Consulting Group has a results-driven approach to selection, evaluation and integration of the leading enterprise software and customer relationship management packages. It is our mission to help you achieve operational efficiencies, focused consumer engagement, reduced costs, increased revenue and increased speed to market. Our consultants perform a tailored assessment of your company’s business offerings and evaluate business process alignment relative to long-term objectives to create a timely and efficient ERP selection process. ERP Evaluation and Selection can be a tedious process for executives. Let us shoulder this task on your behalf and allow us to manage the multi-faceted process from RFP proposals through demo scheduling and selection criteria.

ERP Readiness and Current State Assessments
Our consultants will work with your key business and IT leaders to document, plan and map your company’s current processes to determine the pain points and potential risk associated with an ERP migration. We will work to isolate and document key system interfaces, ensuring a seamless transition to your new ERP system. Additionally, we will work to understand the ERP adoption climate and develop an effective change management solution for your company.