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Multinational Manufacturing Company

Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud Implementation

Manufacturer of air distribution products and office accessories.

The Client:
Our client is the world’s largest chair mat, bicycle reflector and dryer venting manufacturer and a global leader in sign and literature holders, office workspace accessories and other air distribution products.

The Challenge:
The client was using Hyperion Enterprise as a financial consolidation solution. However, they were losing access to their applications due to being divested.  Although they were satisfied with Hyperion Enterprise, the product was no longer being upgraded by Oracle.  Thus, they were looking to replace HE with a more current solution. The client decided on Oracle Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud. They needed an FCC implementation partner who understood HE and could assist them in meeting their requirements for consolidating domestic and international general ledgers, performing currency translations, processing intercompany eliminations, and producing all statutory reporting.

The Solution:
We successfully implemented Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud. We converted the client’s Hyperion Enterprise entity structure and chart of accounts into FCC, using the delivered FCC members as appropriate. We loaded and reconciled 8 years of historical data and created all the intercompany sets to enable FCC to process intercompany eliminations automatically. Using Data Management, we configured data loads from 12 different sources. We developed all their required financial reports using Financial Reporting Web Studio.

The Success Factors:
− Global financial consolidation solution
• Must include FX translation
• Must include intercompany eliminations
• Must accommodate data loads from multiple international sources
− Creation of all required statutory reporting
− Management reporting ability
– Actual versus Budget and/or Forecast
− Cash flow reporting ability
− End user training

Company Annual Revenue:
$5.9 Million

The Solution Products:
− Financial Consolidation and Close Cloud
− Data Management (an intrinsic part of FCC)
− Financial Reporting Web Studio (an intrinsic part of FCC)
− EPM Automate (for automated backups)

The Highlights:
− Reliable consolidation solution that accommodated foreign currency translation and intercompany eliminations
− Reporting solution that fulfilled all statutory reporting requirements
− The ability to report actual financial results versus budget and forecast results
− A flexible ETL (extract, transform, load) solution that minimized monthly maintenance

Remy International Inc.

Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)


The Client:
Headquartered in Indiana, Remy International is the leading provider of starters, alternators, and hybrid motors for the heavy duty and light duty original equipment market. Remy has facilities in 11 countries and four different continents around the world.

The Challenge:
Remy was using Hyperion Enterprise for Consolidations and Financial Reporting. Oracle placed Hyperion Enterprise on sustaining support in April 2013 which required Remy to determine a strategy for a future Consolidation and Financial Reporting platform. Because of this, Remy sought a migration from Hyperion Enterprise to Hyperion Financial Management that would support existing functional requirements that were in place with Hyperion Enterprise at the time.
Additionally, Remy hoped to take advantage of Hyperion Financial Management’s new features and functionality where possible within the scope of the migration.
“Vertical Edge Consulting Group was chosen for several reasons. They had a successful track record for the type of migration and implementation that we were seeking. Additionally, they were approachable, easy to negotiate and plan with and willing to listen and customize the project to our very specific needs.” Holly Koch, Director of IT continued, “The final consideration was that they were able to work within our budgetary constraints. Choosing to partner with Vertical Edge on this project was an easy decision as they consistently provided highly customized solutions that were further backed up by quality work and delivering on their commitments.”

The Solution:
Vertical Edge set out to approach Hyperion Enterprise migration for Remy with a focus on meeting the existing functional requirements while implementing a solution that would take advantage of Financial Management’s additional robust features and functionality.
The project integrated HFM with the existing Remy solutions that integrated with Hyperion Enterprise: Metadata (DRM); Ledger Balances; Journal Loads; Map External / Non-GL Data (Ops Metric, Budget, Forecasting). Once this was in place, the Vertical Edge team set out to ensure that Remy personnel were trained and able to support the new consolidation solution.

The Success Factors:
 The project was scheduled for a January 1st go-live with two months of parallels. The project went live without any delay.
– The project came in slightly under the approved capex budget. The remaining funds were used for performance enhancements and additional administrative assistance provided by VECG upon request from Remy.
– Minor additions to the original scope were made to accommodate several efficiencies requested by the Finance team. Remy worked with VECG to ensure that these additional deliverables did not affect the timing nor the cost of the project.
– According to Koch, “Remy executive management openly described this implementation as ‘nearly flawless’ during post-implementation discussions”
– Oracle Financial Close Solutions is composed of multiple modules. Remy was able to leverage the Financial Management module but also had room to scale to the other modules should their business demand additional solutions in the future.

Company Annual Revenue:
$1.1 Billion

The Solution Products:

National Manufacturing Company Specializing in Consumer-Packaged Goods

BI Cloud Implementation


The Client:
Our client is a world-class leader in the development and production of high-quality color cosmetics, skin care, hair care, bath and body care and OTC products.
They are an outsourcing partner to major global brands and trend setting players across all distribution channels, from high-end to mass market.

The Challenge:
Through discussion, it was determined that this company needed our team to develop an enterprise analytics and data integration solution that would provide dashboards, analytics, and operational metrics from their Oracle EBS, ERP and Shop Floor Production Systems.
They were facing a data issue within their production operations group which was delivering inaccurate and untimely data to key company executives.  Their systems were constrained by a multitude of ERP data dumps and spreadsheets with multiple variations of the “truth” and lacked a true enterprise analytic system or data strategy to manage the operational and executive reporting requirements.

The Solution:
Vertical Edge was able to provide the manufacturing and production operation expertise necessary to understand the complex production process Oxygen Development utilizes, and create a full enterprise-level suite of Analytics.  The KPIs, Dashboards and Metrics enabled key operations executives to achieve a tighter integration between Oracle EBS, strategic planning and operations performance measurement.
Our team did a complete implementation of Oracle BI Cloud including the integration between Oracle EBS and BI Cloud using Oracle Data Sync Services and custom dashboards, KPI and operational reporting.  Additionally, Vertical Edge completed Phase 2 of this project which involved the implementation of multi-dimensional reporting to assist with strategic planning.

The Success Factors:
– Tighter integration between Oracle EBS, strategic planning, target setting, performance measurement
– Increased focus on critical performance metrics at corporate and business unit levels
– Automated standard KPI reporting across the company
– Improved staff productivity / collaboration / accountability by 25%
– Enablement of Enterprise Analytics tools to ensure enhanced efficiency and effectiveness, and support multi-dimensional analysis across all reporting areas that support production operations
– Data Visualization capabilities, enabling self-service BI supporting transactional/operational analytics
– Implementation of a data governance model to maintain data quality and solution integrity

 Company Annual Revenue:
$100 Million

 The Solution Products:
– Oracle EBS
– Oracle BI Cloud
– Oracle Data Visualizer

The Highlights:
– Production Operations Analytics and Dashboards
– OLAP Cubes for Finance/Sales Reporting
– 25 BICS Users

World’s Largest Mattress and Bedding Provider

Essbase Implementation

Bedding Industry

The Client:
The client is the world’s largest bedding provider. The company develops, manufactures and markets mattresses, adjustable bases and pillows as well as other sleep and relaxation products. Combining a proud history and groundbreaking innovation, the company holds some of the most highly recognized brands in the industry.

The Challenge:
The client acquired another large bedding provider in 2012 and had to bridge the gap and merge into a single company with wide reporting needs. They therefore faced challenges when combining two separate hierarchies for the Dealer/Customer and Sales. Through detailed design sessions with the client, there were several measures of success that were identified:
– Single source of truth and reporting needs
– Simplify the Extract Transform and Load (ETL) process and reduce processing times to load data from several data source into Essbase
– Getting both companies’ resources up to speed with process change and maintenance\
– Modifying all the dimension change and downstream process for all 30 cube
– Managing the sales organization
– Document, provide training and transfer knowledge to administrators

The Solution:
The client engaged Vertical Edge for the following initiatives:
• New Essbase cube to maintain single source of truth including the Dealer and Sales Rep information
• Schedule and automate jobs to run daily in the Orsyp dollar universe system
• Providing support on an as needed basis
• Complex SQL queries to handle the data loads from their Manbase and Ax System
• Admin documentation for the 30 Essbase cubes along with data flow diagrams
• Need for Allocation calculation scripts
• Loading data directly from the SQL data sources and decommission the current EIS process
• Identify a new Essbase cube
• Proving assistance and ongoing support for the Hyperion infrastructure needs after the upgrade to the new environment

In the end, Vertical Edge delivered one consolidated Essbase system for one company and a separate Essbase cube for the other company. Additionally, Vertical Edge provided support maintenance and guidance on an as needed basis.

Client Annual Revenue:
$606 Million

The Solution Products:
Hyperion Essbase

U.S. Based Public Organization Selling Specialty Products, Fuel Products and Oilfield Services

EPM Upgrade and HFM Redesign

Oil & Gas Industry

The Client:
Our client, incorporated in 1916, is a public company that has several manufacturing plants that specializes in the manufacturing of naphthenic and paraffinic oils as well as aliphatic solvents and paraffin waxes. Their business is organized into three segments: specialty products, fuel products, and oilfield services.

The Challenge:
Our client was changing ERP systems from JD Edwards (JDE) to SAP as well as discontinuing use of Blackline for task management and account reconciliations. Their current Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) application was also poorly designed resulting in many issues including:
• The inability to easily drill down in Smart View
• HFM rules file did not contain all rules (account specific calculations were stored in the user defined fields of all accounts)
• Cash flow statement design was so complex that it required monthly metadata updates and other manual intervention to generate the cash flow statement. Our client stopped using the system and performed all tasks directly in excel instead. Additionally, the entire chart of accounts was changing due to the migration from JDE to SAP as well as most other metadata items (Entities, Products, etc). Also, Blackline was being phased out and would be replaced with Financial Close Manger (FCM) & Account Reconciliation Manager (ARM).

The Solution:
Our Vertical Edge Team partnered with our client to accomplish the following: • Upgrade their Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) environment to version
• Provide a ground-up redesign of their entire HFM application based on the new SAP accounts, entities, departments and products.
• Create a cash flow solution that is manageable
• Migrate all close tasks to FCM
• Migrate all account reconciliations to ARM
• Automate all data loads to HFM & ARM using Financial Data Management (FDMEE) and the SAP adapter

Client Annual Revenue:
$3.76 Billion

Worldwide Company Offering Innovative Automobile Technology

PBCS Implementation

Automotive Parts Manufacturer

The Client:
For over forty years, the client has been an owned subsidiary of a Japanese automotive parts manufacturer with facilities located throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. They are known worldwide for their innovative technology and high-quality products. Their combined international operations provide broad-based services, from design and development through testing and production.

The Challenge:
The client was experiencing challenges stemming from their Budget Process. The process for the entire year and for all of their locations/plants was done in Excel. A budget was completed for each location in the company, and then headquarters would consolidate everything into Excel. The overall process was entirely manual and extremely error prone.

The Solution:
The Vertical Edge Team knew how important it was to have an excellent system for reporting numbers from a GL. The system should be able to manage the Annual Budget Process, the Revised Budget, Month-Close, and P&L Statements. In the end, Vertical Edge created a process where automated data flowed from the source system. Additionally, our team implemented a data governance that maintained data quality and solution integrity.

The Success Factors:
• Reduction of manual data processing and storage
• Centralized source for Actual data
• Reduction in errors
• Improved Reporting processing time
• Improved audits and controls
• Improved capabilities for ad hoc reporting and detailed analysis

Company Annual Revenue:
$7.4 Million

The Solution Products:
Oracle PBCS including:
• One Planning application
• Data Management for managing the data flow from source systems
• Smart View for ad hoc analysis

Information Technology 

Industry Leader in Optimizing IT Infrastructures

Ground-up Redesign of their entire EDW and BI Architecture

Information Technology Services

The Client:
Our client is a recognized industry leader in optimizing IT infrastructures with comprehensive solutions in three key areas – Workplace, Network, and Data Center Services.
Their team helps to maximize the availability, efficiency and productivity of IT infrastructure, regardless of its maturity. With experienced professionals and strategic partnerships in place, they transform IT environments to a future state centered around a pleasing end user experience supported by advanced, cloud-based, on-demand technologies and services.

The Challenge:
Business units within the company faced severe data challenges that were constrained by an outdated EDW architecture that was ineffective at providing key business leaders with timely and accurate information for decision making. A myriad of source systems and multiple reporting solutions created confusion and headache in determining which system to report out key metrics and KPIs across the company.

Examples of the data architecture challenges included:
– 30+ source systems, delivering data to multiple warehouses
– Significant customization of ERP software
– Multiple reporting engines, with significant overlap

The Solution:
This Information Technology Services company partnered with Vertical Edge Consulting Group to provide a ground-up redesign of their entire Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence architecture. Utilizing Oracle Database, Oracle BI Foundation Suite, Oracle Business Intelligence for Applications (OBIA) combined with industry leading visualization solutions, Vertical Edge created a solution that solves their critical data needs, consolidates their source system facts and dimensions while providing scalability and extensibility which allows for years of growth and innovation for the company.

The Success Factors:
– Reduced time to live data for consumption from one week to six hours across all source systems
– Increased use of OBIEE and OBIA footprint, allowing all Finance OPEX to be developed out of OBIA
– Consolidated multiple EDW environments on Oracle-based EDW, removing Tableau and Microsoft SQL Server/Power BI environments
– Future work with this company includes PBC, FCC and Essbase Cloud or Studio

Company Annual Revenue:
Nearly $1 Billion

The Solution Products:

Global Technology Provider of Analytics Services

Utilizing Drillbridge for Detailed Analysis in Hyperion Planning

Information Technology Services

The Client:
Our client has been at the heart of the analytic ecosystem for four decades helping the world’s most influential companies achieve high-impact business outcomes. They provide analytics solutions, ecosystem architecture consulting and hybrid cloud solutions. These solutions include software and hardware technology components, such as data warehousing, big data, tools for data integration, data discovery and business intelligence.

The Challenge:
Our client had strict requirements and needed our team to provide drill through functionality from the Planning application back to source data in the data warehouse. They needed this to reconcile account balances back to sales orders detail, which was not found in the Planning application. Without drill through, the users would not have the visibility to reconcile balances and therefore could not go-live.

The Solution:
Vertical Edge first considered the out of the box drill through functionality, but decided it was too clunky and lacked the flexibility that our client needed. We introduced Drillbridge to our clients to provide simple and adaptive drill though functionality. After implementing Drillbridge, the users had a straightforward method to review sales order detail with minimal mouse clicks while also having the flexibility to have multiple drill through reports with unique sets of data.

The Success Factors:
• Implemented Drillbridge to deliver an easy to use process with minimal mouse clicks
• Users had the flexibility to create multiple reports that focused on customers, markets or products

Company Annual Revenue:
$2 million

The Solution Products:
• Hyperion Planning,
• Drillbridge

Financial Services 

Multinational Financial Services Company

PBCS Implementation

The Client:
The client, through its affiliated insurance companies, markets a variety of insurance and financial products in 49 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, with subsidiary operations in Santiago, Chile. Some examples of their products are:
• Individual life insurance
• Individual disability income insurance
• Individual annuities
• Group annuities
• Broker/dealer services
The client is committed to building long-term relationships with their customers and providing them with financial solutions as their needs change over time.

The Challenge:
The client experienced challenges stemming from their Legacy ERP and Legacy Planning Solution. In the ERP, the Smart Stream GL’s implementation took place in the late 1990’s. The challenges with this system were:
• Lack of integrated GL/Reporting system
• In-house Forecasting & Budget
• Limited reporting tool functionality – COGNOS, Excel and Access
• Fragmented/Disparate Chart of Accounts

For their Legacy Planning Solution, there were custom built relational databases that took place in the early 2000’s. The user interface was similar to Microsoft Access navigation. It had standardized reports available for pre-determined expense groupings, and their data was pushed to an external data warehouse for reporting and analysis. The challenges with this system were:
• Development/Maintenance was difficult due to lack of support and firsthand knowledge
• Reporting limitations with Excel
• Report maintenance difficult due to lack of hierarchies

The Solution:
Vertical Edge and the client worked together to develop the following goals:
• Select First Class Software Solution
• Minimize Infrastructure Footprint
• Provide scalable applications for future growth
• Fully Integrated ERP
• Timely, efficient and accurate reporting

Fusion Financials Solution Highlights:
• Full integration of Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, General Ledger and Reporting
• Better controls and security
• Elimination of redundant and outdated reports, Chart of Accounts and Processes
• Cloud Base eliminates need for in house experts to support system
• Focus on configuration rather than customization

Fusion Procurement Solution Highlights:
All vendor purchases will take place in Oracle to streamline invoicing
• Purchase Orders
• Vendor Master
• Payment Terms
Utilized job level approvals on all requisitions
• Dollar amount job level
• Direct manager is approver
• High dollar purchase orders will have multiple level of approval
• Integrated with Accounts Payable and Fixed Assets

Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service Solution Highlights:
• Construct PBCS application using dimension commonality with Fusion ERP
• Utilize cloud integration for direct data processing between Fusion and PBCS
• PBCS Plan Types user for:
Employee Expense Planning
− Capital Expenditure Planning
− Cost Center Expense Planning
− Consolidated Reporting Cube
• Flat File Integration with additional systems
• Automation processes built with EPM Automate scripts
• Planning process includes Budget, Forecast, and Long-Range Plan scenarios
• Calculations built to handle planning processes for Employee changes and Capital Expenses
• Excel Smart View Templates used for direct planning uploads (future project to plan through PBCS)
• Allocation Percentages captured and calculated for external system allocation processing
• Smart View (MS Office based tool) used perform planning processes and analyze and report data
• Standardized, highly formatted Financial Reports available via the web, pdf or excel file

The Success Factors:
• Fusion provides complete and integrated financial management solution
• Fusion provides streamlined procurement processes
• Fusion provides more visibility to procurement actions and details
• Fusion and PBCS provide similar User Interface for easy navigation
• Fusion and PBCS both leverage Essbase Cubes and Smart View for reporting and analysis
• PBCS provides centralized environment for managing the planning process
• PBCS provides extensive, flexible reporting with much lower maintenance needs than previous solution
• Cloud solutions allow for routine patches and maintenance provided by Oracle
• Cloud solutions allows for scalability as future rollout occurs with global subsidiaries
• Implementation required No Infrastructure Investment
• Cloud Solutions involve lower total cost of ownership

Company Annual Revenue:
$2.0 Billion

The Solution Products:
Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) Oracle Fusion Financials Oracle Fusion Procurement

Oil & Gas 

Fortune 150 Oil and Gas Company

EPM Upgrade from to

The Client:
Founded in 1919, our client is one of the world’s largest providers of products and services to the energy industry. With over 55,000 employees, representing 140 nationalities in more than 80 countries, the company helps its customers maximize value throughout the lifecycle of the reservoir – from locating hydrocarbons and managing geological data, to drilling and formation evaluation, well construction and completion, and optimizing production throughout the life of the asset.

The Challenge:
Upgrade EPM from to to stay current on support across multiple vendors. Our goal was to complete the upgrade with minimal interruption to existing users and processes.

The Solution:
Our Vertical Edge Team upgraded the EPM suite of products to the latest version. This included 19 planning applications, 10 Essbase applications, 1 HFM application, FDMEE, DRM, ODI, HSF, and custom integrations. To successfully and adequately complete the upgrade, our team completed the following tasks:
• Re-imaged existing exalyticsservers to bring the OS and firmware up-to-date with the latest release
• Installed and configured roughly 35 servers as part of the large upgrade landscape
• FDM Classic was migrated to FDMEE and all scripting written in Jython(including HFM Java API integrations for lights out data loading, consolidations, and Extended Analytics driven integrations)

Additionally, enhancements were provided for both DRM and HSF. Specifically, DRM processes were enhanced and cleaned up by taking advantage of the DRM API with custom Python scripting. To conclude, training was provided to increase knowledge transfer and future maintenance capabilities.

The Success Factors:
• Successful migration of all applications and interfaces
• Minimal service interruptions of existing users
• Seamless cut over with no changing URL’s or report links

Company Annual Revenue:
$20.62 Billion

The Solution Products:
• Planning
• Essbase BSO & ASO
• HSF (Strategic Finance)


The Government of One of Texas’ Largest Counties

PBCS and EPRCS Implementation

Government Agency

The Client:
The client exists to promote and sustain a superior quality of life for its residents through the delivery of cost-effective services in a personal, responsive, and innovative manner.

The Challenge:
The client faced an on-going challenge of preparing their Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) using Excel models. This process was cumbersome, time-consuming and required maintenance of extensive formula-driven spreadsheets and MS Word documents. Routine reporting exercises could take several hours due to data residing in disparate locations. Even though their source ERP system (JD Edwards) was meeting their needs for day-to-day financials, it did not provide the ability to create reports matching the level of detail needed for the CAFR.

The client had the following goals: 
• Reduction of manual data processing and storage
• Centralized source for Actual and Budget data (phase 1)
• Reduction in errors
• Improved Reporting processing times
• Improved audits and controls
• Improve capabilities for ad hoc reporting and detailed analysis.

The Solution:
The client engaged Vertical Edge to implement two Oracle cloud solutions: Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) and Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service (EPRCS).
Through integration with JD Edwards, their data analysis needs were met by the introduction of PBCS. This allowed for a centralized source of Actual and Budget data and a reduction in processing times and errors. As a single source for information, the client is now able to efficiently analyze date by Account, Program, Division, and other measures in an ad-hoc fashion.
Further to this effort, enhanced reporting was achieved using EPRCS’s powerful and flexible capabilities. This includes the ability to create standard reporting packages and templates, while at the same time allowing for process control, report commentary and team review.  In the end, their CAFR process is much less cumbersome and time consuming.

The Success Factors:
• Implemented Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)
• Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service (EPRCS)
• Reduction in cycle times and errors
• Additional application functionality

The Solution Products:
• Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)
• Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service (EPRCS)

Health & Nutrition Science

Global Organization Fulfilling Grower Needs in Specialty Segments

Essbase Sales Reporting

Health & Nutrition science

The Client:
Our client operates in more than 60 countries worldwide and concentrates more than three-quarters of the entire operation to bringing new products to market.

They focus on helping customers cultivate business growth through the development, marketing and distribution of innovative, high-quality chemical solutions for today’s dynamic Agroscience and health and nutrition science marketplace.

The Challenge:
The client needed our team to assist them in addressing the challenges arising from replacing an outdated process of Excel models and other various data warehouse systems with a Reporting and Budgeting system for sales data.

Many country-specific source systems provided inputs to their long-range plan which, due to disparate formats and local currencies, created challenges when collecting, transforming and analyzing data in a meaningful and timely fashion. Further, routine reporting exercises were taking several hours to complete.

The Solution:
Vertical Edge designed and implemented a single consolidated system that provided efficient data collection, currency conversion, and consistent reporting from several disparate transactional systems, including BAAN, SAP, Cognos and GDW. In this process, our team created a central location for the data in an Oracle Essbase application and coupled it with Oracle’s Financial Data Management (FDMEE). Consequently, the client now has data in a centralized location to make sound business decisions regarding Marketing and Sales.

The Success Factors:
• Reduction of manual data processing and storage
• Centralized source for actual data, budget data and long-range plan
• Ability to store and access multiple versions of the budget/forecast in one source
• Enhanced functionality for budget, long-range plan, and variance reporting and analysis
• Reduction in reporting and planning errors
• Improved budgeting and long-range plan processing times
• Improved audits and controls
• Improved capabilities for ad hoc reporting and detailed analysis

Client Statistics:
• Operates in more than 60 countries worldwide with over 3,000 employees
• Manages a portfolio of more than 200 active ingredients and 7,000 product registrations with a focus on high-growth countries and niche markets

The Solution Products:
• Oracle Essbase
• Oracle Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE)
• Oracle SmartView Reporting

A Global Leader in Health Services and Medical Products

Migration from on-premise Oracle Hyperion Planning and HFM to Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)

Health Services Provider
Medical Products

The Client:
Our client develops and markets clinically proven and cost-effective orthobiologic solutions for bone healing, bone graft and osteoarthritis that are backed by clinical data. Thousands of physicians worldwide view our client as an extension of their practices, trusting them with helping in their patients’ care program and alleviating some of their administrative burdens. Their adherence to high quality standards, its commitment to evidence-based medicine and its strong ethical behavior makes the company a trusted partner.

The Challenge:
Our client engaged Vertical Edge for the following initiatives:
– Move their existing on-premise Hyperion Planning application to Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) with added functionality.
– Move functionality that exists in an older on-premise version of Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) to PBCS
– Decommission existing HFM environment
– Document and provide training and transfer knowledge to their administrators.

The Solution:
Though many detailed design sessions with our client, several measures of success were identified:
– Simplify and reduce processing times from source SAP systems to PBCS.
– Decrease the planning processing time for gathering information, entering data via input forms and calculating.
– Reduce cycle times for reporting through standardization and distribution of reporting packages.
– Lower cost of ownership by moving from on-premise EPM applications to cloud-based solution. To achieve these measures, Vertical Edge delivered one consolidated system, Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) with enhanced functionality. In addition to providing enhanced budgeting and planning, the new system streamlines data loads and currency conversions, reduces maintenance overhead, and improves reporting capabilities.

The Success Factors:
• Migration from on-premise Oracle Hyperion Planning to Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)
• Migration from on-premise Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) to PBCS
• Documented, provided training and transferred knowledge to the administration

Company Annual Revenue:
$250 million

The Solution Products:
Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)

A Leading Provider of Innovative Health IT Solutions

Upgrade to On-Prem Hyperion Planning

Health Information Technology Services

The Client:
The client is a leading provider of health IT solutions, business process outsourcing services, and consulting. They provide their clients with meaningful insights, increased performance, and greater integration across programs, systems, and populations. With deep expertise in areas including health insurance marketplaces, health data standards, and Medicaid enterprise systems, the client applies an innovative, integrated approach to navigating the challenges of healthcare reform while solving the most complex problems with creativity, flexibility, and efficiency.

The Challenge:
The client reached out to Vertical Edge to assist them in re-designing their existing on-premise Hyperion Planning application and for assistance in upgrading to the latest version. Prior to engaging Vertical Edge, they were using a project-based model/application that, due to design limitations, was not giving them enough detail and flexibility in forecasting and reporting. When project metadata changes were made in their source ERP system (Deltek), they were not reflected in Hyperion due to an application design limitation.

The Solution:
The Vertical Edge team worked together with the client and completed the following:
• Installed a later version ( of on-premise Hyperion Planning
• Designed a new application with additional dimensions
• Migrated current and historical data to the new environment
• Re-worked Essbase data load rules, calculations and Financial Reports.
Ultimately, the result was an application which provided the client with a more appropriate level of planning and reporting detail. Part of this initiative was also the development of automated scripts to load monthly actuals data.

The Success Factors:
Upgrade to on-premise Oracle Hyperion Planning Additional application functionality

Company Annual Revenue:
$4.8 Million

The Solution Products:
Oracle Hyperion Planning


National Communications Company

Oracle Essbase


The Client:
The client is a leader in providing communications services to urban, suburban, and rural communities in 29 states.

The Challenge:
Our initial engagement with the client focused on performance issues within their Oracle Essbase built management reporting applications. Their financial systems hardware had no significant investments for an extended period of time and was running on a legacy release of the Oracle software.

The Solution:
With an acquisition on the very near horizon and an already system constrained environment, the client acted on the short-term recommendations. Priorities included a hardware update coupled with a technical upgrade to the latest Oracle Essbase release ( The new release provided access to the “Hybrid Aggregation” feature which, with the use of Flash PCI Storage, reduced the overnight data processing from 10 hours to 90 minutes. The reduced cycle time alleviated the bottleneck effect on the financial organization.

The Success Factors:
– The next steps in the remediation plan consisted of a managed services support strategy, including transitioning to a more modern job scheduling methodology and controls around metadata management.
– Throughout the engagement, detailed end-to-end business process control, validation and documentation was designed and developed to ensure successful execution of key business activities.

Company Annual Revenue:
$8.9 Billion

The Solution Products:
Oracle Essbase (





International Holiday Timeshare Company

FDM Classic to FDM Enterprise Edition (FDMEE)


The Client:
The client is the leader in vacation exchange, offering the world’s largest vacation exchange network and providing unrivaled products and services to enhance the vacation ownership experience.
The client helps its subscribing members take the vacations of their dreams and explore the world through access to more than 4,300 affiliated resorts in more than 100 countries.

The Challenge:
The client had a very sophisticated data load process, which was built around Oracle’s Hyperion Financial Data Management (FDM) Classic software.
Historically, their platform had maintained two separate production systems, each supporting different lines of business. Additionally, it had over 80 locations. The client pursued a system upgrade that enabled retention of vendor support, therefore maintaining compatibility with Microsoft Office and web browsers.

The Solution:
Our initial engagement with the client focused on a system conversion from Oracle’s legacy product, Hyperion FDM Classic, to it’s successor, Hyperion FDM Enterprise Edition (FDMEE). Although there were synergies to combine the lines of business to one production system, the client saw great value in maintaining separate systems.
After assessing the client’s platform, we used an Open Interface Adaptor (supported by FDMEE) to design a flexible template to support both the line of business consolidation system and the corporate consolidation system, two separate Hyperion Essbase production environments.
We also found in the assessment that the client had been using SOX 302 capabilities for regulatory purposes. These capabilities, however, were no longer available in the new FDMEE software. Despite this, we helped the client meet their regulatory needs by leveraging a custom developed Microsoft SharePoint module that had precise integration with the FDMEE software.

Company Annual Revenue:
$4.3 Billion

The Solution Products:

Worldwide Award-Winning Lodging Industry

Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services (PBCS) Solution

Hotel & Hospitality Management

The Client:
The client is an award-winning leader in the lodging industry with franchises, corporate managed and corporate owned properties, serving millions of guests each year. Known for listening to consumers, they offer travelers a consistently high-quality experience at an affordable price. With coast-to-coast locations, the client has over 550 properties in the U.S. and has expanded internationally to Brazil and Japan.

The Challenge:
The client wanted a centralized planning model. This would be a change from the current planning model, which was done using a spreadsheet.

The Solution:
The client and Vertical Edge decided that the solution would be the implementation of Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services (PBCS). In turn, the client would reduce budgeting time by 50%, the data integrity of actual data would align with budgets in PBCS, and reporting capabilities for standardizing and distribution of reports to multiple recipients would be improved.

The Success Factors:
• Reduce the amount of manual data manipulation and spreadsheet data storage
• Decrease Planning process time for gathering, inputting, and calculating data
• Reduce the amount of time and tasks it takes to perform monthly reporting processes
• Reduce the run time to update Budget drivers and provide results back to CFO from hours to minutes
• Ability to accomplish reporting of Inn Locations by multiple categories for Summarized Reporting

Company Annual Revenue:
$59.2 Million

The Solution Products:
Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services (PBCS)
Hyperion Financial Reports
Smart View Office Add-In

Number of Licenses:
50 licenses for the product were purchased

Real Estate

Welltower Inc.

Hyperion Financial Management (HFM)

Real Estate

The Client:
Welltower delivers the health care infrastructure necessary to facilitate better treatment at lower costs while keeping patients out of the hospital. The business is centered on a relationship-based investing platform. With corporate headquarters in Toledo, Ohio, Welltower provides real estate capital to leading seniors housing operators, post-acute care providers and health systems. They currently have over 2500 legal entities included in their applications with many different forms of ownership.

The Challenge:
Welltower original contacted VECG in 2014 to add a legal entity hierarchy to their existing HFM application. This piece was completed during a four-month project which included working with Welltower to determine the actual hierarchy as well as creating the consolidation methods and modifying the application to support various tax reporting requirements.
In April 2016, Welltower reached out to VECG to assist with a re-implementation of HFM. They were re-implementing their ERP system to better support their legal entity and tax reporting needs which facilitated the need to re-implement HFM. VECG consultants were able to develop the new HFM application to support SEC and Tax reporting needs in both local currency and US Dollars. This project was completed in time for their September/Q3 close and reporting needs.
Welltower engaged Vertical Edge to build an on-premise planning system that replaced the existing planning process of using Excel models by the Corporate FP&A Group. In addition, Welltower also wanted to build out a Workforce Planning application using Planning and Budgeting Cloud (PBC) to provide a budget model for compensation planning.

Welltower reached out to VECG to help with the re-implementation based on our previous working relationship with them. According to Marc Zinck, Assistant Vice President, Information Management, “We were pleased with the work that Vertical Edge did for us on the initial project in 2014 as well as their availability and ability to resolve issues effectively and efficiently through infrastructure support.”
Vertical Edge was working on a Hyperion Planning implementation for Welltower when they reached out to us for assistance with the new HFM project.

The Solution:
The HFM project entailed created multiple HFM consolidation methods and scenarios that supported different tax and legal (SEC) reporting needs. The application needed to function using different consolidation methods for Tax and Legal/SEC reporting as well as have additional non-GAAP consolidations.
Additionally, the project included changing the chart of accounts to match the new ERP accounts as well as streamlining the FDM mappings that were required. In addition to building the new HFM application, Welltower decided to build multiple FR Studio reports to support reporting needs. This was a change from the previous version of HFM where Welltower users relied almost completely on SmartView reports. Tom Russell, Director, Corporate FP&A shared, “VECG consultants were able to demonstrate the benefits of using FR Reports to support reporting needs while reducing the maintenance of hundreds of excel spreadsheets.”

The on-premise Corporate Planning application served Welltower with the following purposes:
– Provided a Budget Model for Corporate Planning (Acquisition Pipeline, Equity, G&A, Capital Expenditure, Non-secured Debt Interest Expense, and Secured Debt Interest Expense)
– Provided currency conversions capabilities
– Provided additional analytic capabilities performed by Corporate FP&A
– Provided data integration of budget and forecast to HFM for a Consolidated Welltower income statement
– Provided data integration of Final Budget to JDE.

It was important that the PBC solution for Compensation:
– Provided a centralized and driver-driven budgeting system for compensation planning, analytic capabilities by HR and Corporate FP&A
– Provided currency conversion capabilities
– Integrated employee data from ADP and SuccessFactor
– Integrated compensation budget to new Corporate Planning application.

The Success Factors:
– “The project was completed on time, within budget and exceeded all of our requirements. We are extremely pleased with the results of this project,” said Marc Zinck, Assistant Vice President, Information Management.
– Vertical Edge is anticipating that Welltower will upgrade their HFM and FDM applications to the latest version of the software this year. This was previously something that had not been an easy task due to all the complexities in the FDM application mappings.
– “We were excited to partner with Vertical Edge when we made the decision to re-implement HFM during our JDE upgrade, said Marc Zinck, Assistant Vice President, Information Management. “Our application includes thousands of legal entities with various methods of ownership resulting in a wide variety of consolidation needs. The Vertical Edge team worked seamlessly with both our accounting and tax teams to find solutions for everyone’s consolidation and reporting needs.”

The On-Premise Corporate Application has allowed Welltower key benefits including:
– Reduction of manual data processing and storage
– Centralized source for actual
– Budgets and forecasts
– Ability to store and access multiple versions of the Budget/Forecast in one source
– Enhanced functionality for Budget, Forecast, and Variance Reporting and Analysis Improved functionality for Plan Modeling
– Reduction in errors
– Improved Budgeting & Forecasting processing times
– Improved audits and controls
– Improve capabilities for ad hoc reporting and detailed analysis.

The Compensation Application in PBC allowed Welltower to:
– Move from Excel to a systematic cloud based solution
– Provide a central location for Compensation Budgeting and Analysis
– Reduce manual data processing and storage
– Store and access multiple versions of the Budget/Forecast in one source
– Enhance functionality for Budget, Forecast, and Variance Reporting and Analysis Improved functionality for Compensation Plan Modeling
– Reduce errors
– Improve Budgeting and Forecasting processing times
– Improve audits and controls
– Improve capabilities for ad hoc reporting and detailed analysis

“Welltower looks forward to a continued partnership with Vertical Edge. We know that we can depend on them to deliver results in a timely manner that meets our budgetary needs,” concluded Marc Zinck, Assistant Vice President, Information Management.

Company Annual Revenue:
$4.2 Billion

The Solution Products:


Professional Builder of Custom and Premium Homes

Goldengate and Oracle Data Integrator Implementation


The Client:
Our client has been committed to excellence in building homes for four generations and has been family owned and operated since 1928. They are celebrating their 90th anniversary in 2018. While their homes are inspired by their strong tradition of excellence in home building, their homes are also built around the future. In each of their 12 markets, they have built a new anniversary model home to showcase the innovative new construction technology that is continually incorporated into every new home that they build.

The Challenge:
Our client had the bulk of their ETL in Data Stage and Decision Stream. They were split between various versions therefore making the maintenance and licensing cost prohibitive. They chose the simpler and more streamlined Oracle Data Integrator with an eye toward sunsetting and consolidating their old code. They had also chosen Goldengate to facilitate their change-data-capture to expedite their data flow. Their expertise level with ODI was minimal and with Goldengate it was baseline. Additionally, they had a limited timeline and budget.

The Solution:
Vertical Edge needed to consolidate and inventory the existing ETL to determine how to achieve the best value and incursion for the timeline and budget. We chose to address their star schema data warehouse, specifically GL Transactions, GL Balance and PO. After installation and configuration of ODI and Goldengate we worked with their team to convert the target ETL to ODI.  After the implementation, we provided several training sessions and documentation to enable them to manage their new environments. Additionally, we provided them with a go-forward plan to help them best address their remaining challenges.

The Success Factors:
• Implementation of Goldengate to better manage their change-data-capture process
• Implementation of ODI to streamline their ETL and reduce risk
• Teaching our client’s team to manage ODI and Goldengate
• Addressed our client’s potential data challenges and provided them an additional plan to move forward with the work we had begun

Company Annual Revenue:
$8.76 million

The Solution Products:
• Oracle Data Integrator
• Oracle Goldengate

Sports, Entertainment, Lighting

PGA of America

Hyperion Planning

Sports Entertainment

The Client:
Founded in 1916, The PGA of America is the largest working sports organization in the world. It is comprised of more than 28,000 dedicated men and women promoting the game of golf to everyone, everywhere.

The Challenge:
PGA needed to revamp their existing Planning applications and outlines to accommodate the changing chart of account structure because of an ERP Oracle Fusion upgrade implementation from On-premise to Cloud. They needed seasoned consultants who were experts in this area to help them determine how best to make Planning on premise work with their ERP Cloud solution.
According to Pedro Del Rio, Financial Systems and Reporting Manager, “Vertical Edge Consulting Group seem to have the expertise, the understanding and experience that we were looking for”. Del Rio continued, “Their team of professionals demonstrated the ability to foresee issues that could potentially arise as a result of such a complex upgrade. Vertical Edge was eager and willing to share their knowledge and experience while providing comforting advice. This pairing along with an ease in communication allowed us to feel comfortable partnering with them.”

The Solution:
After modifying and upgrading the chart of accounts in the ERP system and moving to the cloud, PGA needed to ensure the same changes were completed and transitioned to their existing Planning Applications used for Budgeting and Forecasting. Their finance cycle was close to having to enter their annual budget process so particular attention to their forms, outlines, applications, cubes and financial reports needed to be made so that all was in order for their Planners. The upgrade needed to be completed effectively and timely. “We not only wanted a team of experts to come in and design and implement applications that we could maintain but, we wanted a partner that would take the time to explain the design and transition the work effectively”, commented Del Rio. “Vertical Edge did this with ease and professionalism and provided our team with detailed explanations that would allow our internal team to be able to continue supporting the application going forward.”

The Success Factors:
– PGA of America was able to successfully complete their 2017 Fiscal Year Budget Process by transferring actuals from ERP Cloud Fusion to Planning via load rules.
– Their team of planners were able to access the forms and use the new chart of account structure to prepare their budgets and monthly forecast.
– Additionally, their team was able to generate reports that allowed them to make decisions and provide sound explanations of variances. Planning administrators were also now able to use the Test environments that previously were not working before their engagement with Vertical Edge.

Company Annual Revenue:
$141.6 Million

The Solution Product:
Hyperion Planning

U.S. Based Company Focusing on Superior Image Solutions

PBC Implementation

Lighting, Graphics and Technology

The Client:
Our client is a publicly traded, international Lighting, Graphics, and Technology company. They are committed to advancing solid-state LED technology to make affordable, high performance, energy-efficient lightning and custom graphic products. Our client also provides a full range of design support, engineering, installation and project management services to our customers.

The Challenge:
Our client contacted Vertical Edge because they needed to replace a heavily dependent Excel-based reporting system with disparate sources of data and a consolidated tool for reporting and planning Expense and Revenue. Ultimately, they wanted us to implement Oracle products Planning & Budgeting Cloud (PBC) and Financial Cost and Consolidation (FCC).

The Solution:
Vertical Edge relied heavily on Data Management to use files extracted from JDE for both GL data and Product level Revenue Data. Two cubes were used in LSI’s PBC application:
• Financial – Reporting and analytics of GL level data for actuals and budget
• Product – Product and Customer dimensions were created which in turn provides a tool for analysis of Top Customers and Products.

The Success Factors:
LSI now has a very strong JDE admin that can write reports and queries that provide data that can be mapped and allocated to assist with financial analysis and budgeting.

Company Annual Revenue:
$300+ million

The Solution Product:
PBC and Data Management