What are the changes happening in Essbase?

What to Expect
• Essbase will become a separate entity from Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). This will give you full control of your Essbase deployment.
• The user will be able to deploy in the cloud, on-premise or a combination of both to suit their needs.
• There will be continued support for Essbase as a data source for OAC and OAS
• Essbase for Cloud is moving to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace which will allow for more flexibility in design and management.
• A new version of Essbase is coming soon.  Essbase 19C will be optimized for the cloud with a new design and added management tools.
• Essbase remains a top tier source for Oracle Analytics and with new remote data gateways, it will continue to be easily accessed.
Additional Information
• Oracle is listening to you.  Based on customer feedback, they are changing Essbase so that it gives more control of Essbase operations.
• Essbase 19C will give you an experience in the cloud that is much closer to feature parity.  Additionally, you will have the ability to connect to your Essbase cubes as data sources whether working on-premise or in the cloud.
• Essbase 19C is expected to be realeased by the end of September 2019. Pricing to be updated as soon as possible.


What is REALLY different about Essbase 19C in the Cloud?

What to Expect
• The application has been optimized for the cloud.
• Essbase 19C has modernized architecture.
• The user will have new tools for design and management.

Additional Information
• When Essbase 19C is released, the user will notice an enhanced hybrid engine.
• The application will have REST API’s.
• The user will have a deeper feature integration with SmartView.


What if I have Essbase in OAC?

What to Expect
• Customers with Essbase in OAC will be supported for the duration of their license.
• Essbase 19C will be Cloud OR On-premise deployable.  By using the new remote data gateways, the user will be able to connect to Essbase wherever it is deployed.
• Essbase 19C on Oracle Cloud Marketplace will be easy to deploy and offer you control over patching, upgrades and configration in addition to the core benefits of 19C with features, utilities and more.

Additional Information
• Users who create and manage cubes will need to change the connections to cubes used for existing analysis.


What about EPM customers?

What to Expect

• Specific accommodations have been made to allow existing EPM customers to move to standalone, on-premise 19C.

Additional Information
• On-premise EPM will continue to offer Essbase 11g.