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Discover Why Essbase in Oracle’s Analytic Cloud (OAC) is a True Holistic Analytic Solution

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
12:00 PM EST

Catherine Summers, BI Architect, Vertical Edge Consulting Group
Sheetal Kotian, Hyperion Consultant, Vertical Edge Consulting Group

Essbase Cloud is now a part of Oracle’s Analytic Cloud (OAC) Suite  This new suite of applications enables analytics and data insights which were not possible in previous versions. Join us as we tour the new Essbase Cloud offering and demonstrate the ease of building a cube from an ERP extract and then visualize the data in Essbase for a true holistic analytic solution.

This easy to follow webinar will give you a good insight into OAC while highlighting the benefits and ease of its functionality.

Catherine Summers

BI Architect, Vertical Edge Consulting Group

Catherine is an IT professional with over 20 years in consulting, including 18 years in business intelligence and data architecture. As an OBIEE Certified Specialist, she is experienced in Oracle Analytics Cloud, including OBIEE and Essbase, and Advanced Analytics. She has worked extensively with clients to define their vision from inception to delivery.  Working across finance, supply chain, procurement and spend and the public sector she brings a wide range of industry experience to her technical expertise. An understanding of the role of Big Data and Data Visualization along with the ability to define the strategic value of each leg of the overall BI Solution add additional depth to her portfolio.

Sheetal Kotian

Hyperion Consultant, Vertical Edge Consulting Group

Sheetal is an experienced and certified Oracle Hyperion Essbase & Planning Consultant with expertise on both the on-premises and the Cloud products. She has more than 10 years of experience developing Oracle Hyperion applications and achieving high client satisfaction.

Her expertise lies in leading the development and implementation of cost effective, high performance applications and systems to meet challenging business needs. Sheetal is accountable for the successful implementation of new applications and enhancements, constantly exceeding customer expectations. Her qualifications are proven in all facets of the systems development life cycle, from initial feasibility analysis and conceptual design through testing, implementation, user training and enhancements.

Sheetal’s experience spans a range of the Oracle Hyperion Suite of tools, including Cloud products PBC, EPBCS and Oracle Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Planning Hyperion Financial Reporting, FDMEE.