AAEAAQAAAAAAAAU0AAAAJGRjZjIwNDIxLTU3YTItNDQ4NS04YTY0LWNiMGY4NGY1OWUwYwInsurance.  Did I make you cringe?  What were your first thoughts that came to your mind?  Waste. Scam. Just give me whatever is the cheapest.  But then you might end up like the Farmers Insurance “Coverage Gap” commercials thinking you are covered for everything but you are not.

I am not here to talk about insurance.  Not in the sense you are thinking. However, what does insurance do for you?  When you do experience a personal disaster, you pray that you are fully covered to bounce back as quickly as possible and back to a normal life.

When you think about your business, those are the exact results you want when a disaster strikes.  Bounce back as quickly as possible and back to a normal life.  And on top of that, you need to limit the effect on your customer relationships and end users depending on the type of business you are.

Business continuity planning, with disaster recovery solutions as a subset, is much more than insurance.

Disasters that happen to your business can put you out of business.

And an insurance payment won’t help you recover from that like it helps you in your personal life.  A proper business continuity strategy and implementation will make you a stronger business.  A more confident business.  It will allow you to focus on your business rather than having the thoughts in the back of your mind of “when is it going to hit the fan?”

Look at business continuity planning as an investment in your business.  You make investments to improve your business and to make your business stronger.  That is what business continuity will do for you in the long run.

Aaron Scholl

Aaron Scholl

Director of Cloud Services

Aaron contributes more than a decade of experience in technical consulting, project management, and application development. He focuses on the critically important value of achieving customer satisfaction by providing custom cloud technology solutions for each client’s unique needs. He enjoys walking clients through every step of the process to ensure they fully understand their virtual environments. To earn long-term loyalty, he works to be certain clients can operate independently and efficiently at the completion of each project.

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