A Vertical Edge Case Study

Global Organization Fulfilling Grower Needs
in Specialty Segments

Essbase Sales Reporting

Health & Nutrition science

The Client:
Our client operates in more than 60 countries worldwide and concentrates more than three-quarters of the entire operation to bringing new products to market.

They focus on helping customers cultivate business growth through the development, marketing and distribution of innovative, high-quality chemical solutions for today’s dynamic Agroscience and health and nutrition science marketplace.

The Challenge:
The client needed our team to assist them in addressing the challenges arising from replacing an outdated process of Excel models and other various data warehouse systems with a Reporting and Budgeting system for sales data.

Many country-specific source systems provided inputs to their long-range plan which, due to disparate formats and local currencies, created challenges when collecting, transforming and analyzing data in a meaningful and timely fashion. Further, routine reporting exercises were taking several hours to complete.

The Solution:
Vertical Edge designed and implemented a single consolidated system that provided efficient data collection, currency conversion, and consistent reporting from several disparate transactional systems, including BAAN, SAP, Cognos and GDW. In this process, our team created a central location for the data in an Oracle Essbase application and coupled it with Oracle’s Financial Data Management (FDMEE). Consequently, the client now has data in a centralized location to make sound business decisions regarding Marketing and Sales.

The Success Factors:
• Reduction of manual data processing and storage
• Centralized source for actual data, budget data and long-range plan
• Ability to store and access multiple versions of the budget/forecast in one source
• Enhanced functionality for budget, long-range plan, and variance reporting and analysis
• Reduction in reporting and planning errors
• Improved budgeting and long-range plan processing times
• Improved audits and controls
• Improved capabilities for ad hoc reporting and detailed analysis

Client Statistics:
• Operates in more than 60 countries worldwide with over 3,000 employees
• Manages a portfolio of more than 200 active ingredients and 7,000 product registrations with a focus on high-growth countries and niche markets

The Solution Products:
• Oracle Essbase
• Oracle Financial Data Quality Management Enterprise Edition (FDMEE)
• Oracle SmartView Reporting