A Vertical Edge Case Study

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Utilizing Drillbridge for Detailed Analysis in Hyperion Planning

Information Technology Services

The Client:
Our client has been at the heart of the analytic ecosystem for four decades helping the world’s most influential companies achieve high-impact business outcomes. They provide analytics solutions, ecosystem architecture consulting and hybrid cloud solutions. These solutions include software and hardware technology components, such as data warehousing, big data, tools for data integration, data discovery and business intelligence.

The Challenge:
Our client had strict requirements and needed our team to provide drill through functionality from the Planning application back to source data in the data warehouse. They needed this to reconcile account balances back to sales orders detail, which was not found in the Planning application. Without drill through, the users would not have the visibility to reconcile balances and therefore could not go-live.

The Solution:
Vertical Edge first considered the out of the box drill through functionality, but decided it was too clunky and lacked the flexibility that our client needed. We introduced Drillbridge to our clients to provide simple and adaptive drill though functionality. After implementing Drillbridge, the users had a straightforward method to review sales order detail with minimal mouse clicks while also having the flexibility to have multiple drill through reports with unique sets of data.

The Success Factors:
• Implemented Drillbridge to deliver an easy to use process with minimal mouse clicks
• Users had the flexibility to create multiple reports that focused on customers, markets or products

Company Annual Revenue:
$2 million

The Solution Products:
• Hyperion Planning,
• Drillbridge