Presenter: Tom Dimock, EPM Consultant

We hear the expression “Keep It Simple” often, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves of this.
Within the context of EPM, this adage is also important.

This session will cover a wide variety of tips for the Developer/Hyperion Admin to help you on your EPM journey. These include: Outline Design, Loading Metadata, Integrating with Source Systems, Creating Financial Reports, Automation, and Training Users.

This webinar is designed to remind you to, “Keep it simple” when it comes to Hyperion/EPM Cloud Applications by sharing with you techniques to employ so that you don’t over-complicate the design and maintenance of your application.

Presenter: Tom Dimock, EPM Consultant

Tom is an Oracle EPM Consultant with 10 years of corporate and consulting experience with the Oracle EPM (Hyperion) toolset where he worked in various capacities as a Developer, Project Lead and System Administrator.

As a certified Hyperion Planning and Budgeting Cloud (PBC) Implementation Specialist, Tom has developed a wide variety of Hyperion applications to support numerous Finance and corporate wide initiatives.  These include Workforce Labor, Operational Expenses, and Revenue/COGS (Project) Models.  Tom has had a key role from end-to-end: from project inception, system design and build, data integration, to user training and support.  Prior to his role as a consultant, he worked in Corporate IT and Finance.  Because of this experience, his key strengths lie in his ability to understand and explain the technical and business aspects of systems to stakeholders.