Presenter: Tom Eastlake, Practice Lead, BI Analytics & Integration

A new era of competitive differentiation is determined on how companies are using their data to gain valuable insights and shape their strategy. Transforming your team to analytical business partners will help drive productivity and profitability. Understanding, managing, and predicting the business ahead just got easier.

Join us to learn about common challenges you are facing and creative solutions to overcome them.

Who could benefit?
• Analysts who spend 80% of the time data gathering, and less than 20% of the time analyzing
• Department managers who would like an alternative to spreadsheet reporting
• Executives who would prefer real time access to data to make decisions and run the business

Top reasons to attend:
1. Gain insight to linking strategy and execution
2. Advance reporting beyond spreadsheets to dashboards and visualizations
3. See what the impact of performing what-if analysis at the speed of thought will do for your bottom-line
4. Enable managers to access deeper, more granular details with drill-through analysis

If you are tired of spreadsheet hell, yet still want a department owned solution, then this webinar will be a starting point in advancing your organization