A Vertical Edge Case Study

PGA of America

Hyperion Planning

Sports Entertainment

The Client:
Founded in 1916, The PGA of America is the largest working sports organization in the world. It is comprised of more than 28,000 dedicated men and women promoting the game of golf to everyone, everywhere.

The Challenge:
PGA needed to revamp their existing Planning applications and outlines to accommodate the changing chart of account structure because of an ERP Oracle Fusion upgrade implementation from On-premise to Cloud. They needed seasoned consultants who were experts in this area to help them determine how best to make Planning on premise work with their ERP Cloud solution.
According to Pedro Del Rio, Financial Systems and Reporting Manager, “Vertical Edge Consulting Group seem to have the expertise, the understanding and experience that we were looking for”. Del Rio continued, “Their team of professionals demonstrated the ability to foresee issues that could potentially arise as a result of such a complex upgrade. Vertical Edge was eager and willing to share their knowledge and experience while providing comforting advice. This pairing along with an ease in communication allowed us to feel comfortable partnering with them.”

The Solution:
After modifying and upgrading the chart of accounts in the ERP system and moving to the cloud, PGA needed to ensure the same changes were completed and transitioned to their existing Planning Applications used for Budgeting and Forecasting. Their finance cycle was close to having to enter their annual budget process so particular attention to their forms, outlines, applications, cubes and financial reports needed to be made so that all was in order for their Planners. The upgrade needed to be completed effectively and timely. “We not only wanted a team of experts to come in and design and implement applications that we could maintain but, we wanted a partner that would take the time to explain the design and transition the work effectively”, commented Del Rio. “Vertical Edge did this with ease and professionalism and provided our team with detailed explanations that would allow our internal team to be able to continue supporting the application going forward.”

The Success Factors:
– PGA of America was able to successfully complete their 2017 Fiscal Year Budget Process by transferring actuals from ERP Cloud Fusion to Planning via load rules.
– Their team of planners were able to access the forms and use the new chart of account structure to prepare their budgets and monthly forecast.
– Additionally, their team was able to generate reports that allowed them to make decisions and provide sound explanations of variances. Planning administrators were also now able to use the Test environments that previously were not working before their engagement with Vertical Edge.

Company Annual Revenue:
$141.6 Million

The Solution Product:
Hyperion Planning