A Vertical Edge Case Study

Professional Builder of Custom and Premium Homes

Goldengate and Oracle Data Integrator Implementation


The Client:
Our client has been committed to excellence in building homes for four generations and has been family owned and operated since 1928. They are celebrating their 90th anniversary in 2018. While their homes are inspired by their strong tradition of excellence in home building, their homes are also built around the future. In each of their 12 markets, they have built a new anniversary model home to showcase the innovative new construction technology that is continually incorporated into every new home that they build.

The Challenge:
Our client had the bulk of their ETL in Data Stage and Decision Stream. They were split between various versions therefore making the maintenance and licensing cost prohibitive. They chose the simpler and more streamlined Oracle Data Integrator with an eye toward sunsetting and consolidating their old code. They had also chosen Goldengate to facilitate their change-data-capture to expedite their data flow. Their expertise level with ODI was minimal and with Goldengate it was baseline. Additionally, they had a limited timeline and budget.

The Solution:
Vertical Edge needed to consolidate and inventory the existing ETL to determine how to achieve the best value and incursion for the timeline and budget. We chose to address their star schema data warehouse, specifically GL Transactions, GL Balance and PO. After installation and configuration of ODI and Goldengate we worked with their team to convert the target ETL to ODI.  After the implementation, we provided several training sessions and documentation to enable them to manage their new environments. Additionally, we provided them with a go-forward plan to help them best address their remaining challenges.

The Success Factors:
• Implementation of Goldengate to better manage their change-data-capture process
• Implementation of ODI to streamline their ETL and reduce risk
• Teaching our client’s team to manage ODI and Goldengate
• Addressed our client’s potential data challenges and provided them an additional plan to move forward with the work we had begun

Company Annual Revenue:
$8.76 million

The Solution Products:
• Oracle Data Integrator
• Oracle Goldengate