A Vertical Edge Case Study

The Government of
One of Texas’ Largest Counties

PBCS and EPRCS Implementation

Government Agency

The Client:
The client exists to promote and sustain a superior quality of life for its residents through the delivery of cost-effective services in a personal, responsive, and innovative manner.

The Challenge:
The client faced an on-going challenge of preparing their Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) using Excel models. This process was cumbersome, time-consuming and required maintenance of extensive formula-driven spreadsheets and MS Word documents. Routine reporting exercises could take several hours due to data residing in disparate locations. Even though their source ERP system (JD Edwards) was meeting their needs for day-to-day financials, it did not provide the ability to create reports matching the level of detail needed for the CAFR.

The client had the following goals: 
• Reduction of manual data processing and storage
• Centralized source for Actual and Budget data (phase 1)
• Reduction in errors
• Improved Reporting processing times
• Improved audits and controls
• Improve capabilities for ad hoc reporting and detailed analysis.

The Solution:
The client engaged Vertical Edge to implement two Oracle cloud solutions: Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) and Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service (EPRCS).
Through integration with JD Edwards, their data analysis needs were met by the introduction of PBCS. This allowed for a centralized source of Actual and Budget data and a reduction in processing times and errors. As a single source for information, the client is now able to efficiently analyze date by Account, Program, Division, and other measures in an ad-hoc fashion.
Further to this effort, enhanced reporting was achieved using EPRCS’s powerful and flexible capabilities. This includes the ability to create standard reporting packages and templates, while at the same time allowing for process control, report commentary and team review.  In the end, their CAFR process is much less cumbersome and time consuming.

The Success Factors:
• Implemented Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)
• Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service (EPRCS)
• Reduction in cycle times and errors
• Additional application functionality

The Solution Products:
• Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS)
• Oracle Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud Service (EPRCS)