A Vertical Edge Case Study

World’s Largest Mattress and Bedding Provider

Essbase Implementation

Bedding Industry

The Client:
The client is the world’s largest bedding provider. The company develops, manufactures and markets mattresses, adjustable bases and pillows as well as other sleep and relaxation products. Combining a proud history and groundbreaking innovation, the company holds some of the most highly recognized brands in the industry.

The Challenge:
The client acquired another large bedding provider in 2012 and had to bridge the gap and merge into a single company with wide reporting needs. They therefore faced challenges when combining two separate hierarchies for the Dealer/Customer and Sales. Through detailed design sessions with the client, there were several measures of success that were identified:
– Single source of truth and reporting needs
– Simplify the Extract Transform and Load (ETL) process and reduce processing times to load data from several data source into Essbase
– Getting both companies’ resources up to speed with process change and maintenance\
– Modifying all the dimension change and downstream process for all 30 cube
– Managing the sales organization
– Document, provide training and transfer knowledge to administrators

The Solution:
The client engaged Vertical Edge for the following initiatives:
• New Essbase cube to maintain single source of truth including the Dealer and Sales Rep information
• Schedule and automate jobs to run daily in the Orsyp dollar universe system
• Providing support on an as needed basis
• Complex SQL queries to handle the data loads from their Manbase and Ax System
• Admin documentation for the 30 Essbase cubes along with data flow diagrams
• Need for Allocation calculation scripts
• Loading data directly from the SQL data sources and decommission the current EIS process
• Identify a new Essbase cube
• Proving assistance and ongoing support for the Hyperion infrastructure needs after the upgrade to the new environment

In the end, Vertical Edge delivered one consolidated Essbase system for one company and a separate Essbase cube for the other company. Additionally, Vertical Edge provided support maintenance and guidance on an as needed basis.

Client Annual Revenue:
$606 Million

The Solution Products:
Hyperion Essbase