A Vertical Edge Case Study

Worldwide Award-Winning Lodging Industry

Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services (PBCS) Solution

Hotel & Hospitality Management

The Client:
The client is an award-winning leader in the lodging industry with franchises, corporate managed and corporate owned properties, serving millions of guests each year. Known for listening to consumers, they offer travelers a consistently high-quality experience at an affordable price. With coast-to-coast locations, the client has over 550 properties in the U.S. and has expanded internationally to Brazil and Japan.

The Challenge:
The client wanted a centralized planning model. This would be a change from the current planning model, which was done using a spreadsheet.

The Solution:
The client and Vertical Edge decided that the solution would be the implementation of Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services (PBCS). In turn, the client would reduce budgeting time by 50%, the data integrity of actual data would align with budgets in PBCS, and reporting capabilities for standardizing and distribution of reports to multiple recipients would be improved.

The Success Factors:
• Reduce the amount of manual data manipulation and spreadsheet data storage
• Decrease Planning process time for gathering, inputting, and calculating data
• Reduce the amount of time and tasks it takes to perform monthly reporting processes
• Reduce the run time to update Budget drivers and provide results back to CFO from hours to minutes
• Ability to accomplish reporting of Inn Locations by multiple categories for Summarized Reporting

Company Annual Revenue:
$59.2 Million

The Solution Products:
Planning and Budgeting Cloud Services (PBCS)
Hyperion Financial Reports
Smart View Office Add-In

Number of Licenses:
50 licenses for the product were purchased