A Vertical Edge Case Study

Worldwide Company Offering Innovative Automobile Technology

PBCS Implementation

Automotive Parts Manufacturer

The Client:
For over forty years, the client has been an owned subsidiary of a Japanese automotive parts manufacturer with facilities located throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. They are known worldwide for their innovative technology and high-quality products. Their combined international operations provide broad-based services, from design and development through testing and production.

The Challenge:
The client was experiencing challenges stemming from their Budget Process. The process for the entire year and for all of their locations/plants was done in Excel. A budget was completed for each location in the company, and then headquarters would consolidate everything into Excel. The overall process was entirely manual and extremely error prone.

The Solution:
The Vertical Edge Team knew how important it was to have an excellent system for reporting numbers from a GL. The system should be able to manage the Annual Budget Process, the Revised Budget, Month-Close, and P&L Statements. In the end, Vertical Edge created a process where automated data flowed from the source system. Additionally, our team implemented a data governance that maintained data quality and solution integrity.

The Success Factors:
• Reduction of manual data processing and storage
• Centralized source for Actual data
• Reduction in errors
• Improved Reporting processing time
• Improved audits and controls
• Improved capabilities for ad hoc reporting and detailed analysis

Company Annual Revenue:
$7.4 Million

The Solution Products:
Oracle PBCS including:
• One Planning application
• Data Management for managing the data flow from source systems
• Smart View for ad hoc analysis